Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our aluminum fence. If you need additional help, contact a Customer Service Representative at


  • Will a quality fence such as Alumi-Guard cost more?

    There are many different factors to consider when reviewing “cost” of a low-maintenance fence. Factors such as, but not limited to: the grade of fence, the linear footage, height, decorative adornments, and wind-load requirements, can significantly impact your construction and materials costs. Installation costs can be impacted by: the location of the fence, accessibility, proximity to your closest fence contractor, soil type, fence materials and design, surrounding hardscapes and landscapes, as well as the elevation changes on your property. (In some cases, installers need to charge more to install the cheaper fences). With our limited lifetime warranty, great product options, and beautiful finishes, the value will exceed the cost.

  • Do I buy directly from Alumi-Guard?

    No, we use an integrated distribution system of exclusive Authorized Dealers who represent Alumi-Guard in a specific market for all aspects of service; showcasing, estimating, delivery, installation, and warranty of our products.

  • How can I shop for Alumi-Guard fence products?

    Our products are available exclusively through authorized dealers in all fifty states and Canada. To arrange for a free in home estimate, or to find a showroom near you, contact our customer service department at or go to our contact page.

  • Where are Alumi-Guard products made?

    All products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in Brooksville, Florida and Galloway, New Jersey. Our products provide solutions for protecting all that you love and value from children and pets, to your home or business. We have the elegant and durable options for you.


    Everything we produce – including all panels, posts, and gates – are made right here in the USA. Know that when you choose an Alumi-Guard product, you’re also choosing an American company that manufactures high-quality, American made products.

  • Can I really install an Alumi-Guard system myself?

    Perhaps; but it does require tools specific to the trade, hard work, time, and an experienced eye for a successful and well executed finish. In most cases; the time spent, tools purchased, and the cost of transporting materials will cost near the same as would experienced labor.

  • What should I ask for before I invest in a fence?

    What is the warranty? Who is, and how long has manufacturer been in business? What is their track record? Is it made in the USA?

  • What is your fence’s primary function?

    Our products provide solutions for protecting all that you love and value from children and pets, to your home or business. We have the elegant and durable options for you. Clearly communicating the function of your fence to your fence contractor can significantly impact the build and design.

  • What is the fencing made of?

    All our aluminum fencing is extruded aluminum that is high quality fencing, railing, and gate systems. Our award winning, powder coating process surpasses the 10,000 hours salt spray test – more than double the industry standard that can withstand the harshest conditions and is an Approved Applicator by AkzoNobel! AkzoNobel undertakes an extensive evaluation process and only issues Interpon D Approved Applicator status to companies whose standard of coating, testing and quality management systems meet the demands of the architectural industry. Alumi-Guard has demonstrated their commitment to the highest standard of quality. For more information, see Why Alumi- Guard brochure.

  • Do you have to put all the posts in concrete?

    Industry standards recommend concrete, and most installation practices will included concrete footings. There are regions in the US where different practices are used for installation which achieve comparable strength upon final assembly. Discuss with your contractor the best practices for your fence installation.

  • Does Alumi-Guard have a transferable warranty?

    Yes, a lifetime warranty as can be reviewed at Alumi Keep in mind that warranties are only as good as the company. Alumi-Guard is backed by a stable long-term organization with an excellent customer service track record.

  • Can I clean my Alumi-Guard fence?

  • My property isn’t flat. Will your fencing leave big gaps under each panel?

    With most of our products, NO. Most Alumi-Guard aluminum fence systems are designed to follow the grade. However, a few of our commercial and specialty products will not follow grade. This is an important discussion to have with your fence contractor prior to purchasing your installation.

  • Can I put a gate operator on my Alumi-Guard gate?

    Gate operators require a few things for proper function. Larger gate posts, specific hinges are required, and points for attachment are typical requirements as a minimum. Your grade at your gate can be factors to consider as well. If you would like an operator at the time of installation, or as an addition to your fence sometime down the road; it is imperative that you have that discussion with your fence contractor prior to your order so your gate will be ready for that addition.

  • How much will an Alumi-Guard fence actually increase my property worth?

    Outdoor living spaces and curb appeal are very important in your homes appeal. A well maintained and good looking fence will certainly make your home more attractive. Poorly constructed, or dilapidated fences will set a negative first impression on any

  • Will your fencing meet local pool codes?

    Most of our “Pool” styles and “privacy” styles will meet local codes; however, there are some exceptions. Check the requirements of your local codes to be sure, or hire a qualified installer.

  • Will the Alumi-Guard System follow a curve?

    All styles can segment to roughly follow a curved line. We do also offer radiused panels if the curved line needs to be followed with more precision. Radiused panels are significantly more expensive than a segmented line following a curve. In either case you will want to contact an experienced installer to have this completed accurately.

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