Guardrail Boxed Railing Kit Accessories

Windsor • Camelot

Guardrail Boxed Railing Kit Accessories

Windsor • Camelot

Alumi-Guard® offers a wide assortment of railing and guardrail accessories to complete your project. Our handrail and railing products are made using the highest quality aluminum extrusions and castings and benefit from concealed fasteners, offering a smooth finish, making it the finest contemporary railing design available on the market today.  These ready-to-install handrail systems are available in Matte Black, Matte Bronze and White.


Our railing is strong enough to meet most local building codes. We’ve enhanced our Guardrail Boxed Railing Kits with our plug-and-play LED lighting system or solar powered post caps.

Lighting, Wiring & Splitters
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SKU 73041277

Transformer for Light Systems

2-Way Splitter

SKU 73019370

2-Way Splitter – Lighting

5 Way Splitter

SKU 73019371

5-Way Splitter – Lighting

92 in Under Rail LED

SKU 73019376

92” Under Rail LED

2 in Wire Lighting

SKU 73032449

2’ Wire – Lighting

5 ft Wire - Lighting

SKU 73019375

5’ Wire – Lighting

7 in Wire Lighting

SKU 73019373

7’ Wire – Lighting

9 in Wire Lighting

SKU 73019374

9’ Wire – Lighting

Railing Brackets
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Decorative Top Line Bracket Kit

Decorated Top Line Bracket Kit

Decorative Top Stair Bracket Kit

Decorated Top Stair Bracket Kit

Accessories & Deck Board Adapters
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4.25 in Post White Cap

SKU 73041366

4-¼” Post Cap

4.25 Post Trim

SKU 73041370

4-¼” Post Trim

4.25 Post Mount w Trim White

SKU 73041362

4-¼” Post Mount w/Trim

Deck Board Adaptor

SKU 73043058

6’ Deck Board Adapter

Deck Board Adaptor

SKU 73043059

8’ Deck Board Adapter

Contemporary LED Post Cap

SKU 73021947

2-½” Contemporary LED Post Cap

Solar Post Top Down Light

SKU 73044935

2-½” Solar Post Top Down Light

Solar Post Top

SKU 73044954

2-½” Solar Post Top

2.25 Screw Boss Plated Post_White

2.25 Screw Boss Plated Post

Camelot White Railing - White

36” Camelot White Railing

Windsor Railing - Black

36 – 42” Windsor Railing

Gate Kit

Gate Kit

Handrail & Railing Solutions.