Winter 2014

Reprint of February 18, 2014 Announcement Alumi-Guard, Brooksville, Florida

To our valued customers,

As many of you have heard by now Alumi-Guard is teaming up with Barrette Outdoor Living. I personally wanted to take this time to address some concerns that may arise in light of this news. I would like to start by assuring everyone that we will continue to do business as usual. All employees have been retained and we will continue doing business under the Alumi-Guard name.

I would also like to express how much of an opportunity we have to help our customers grow with us. With our combined resources and expanded infrastructure we are looking to grow the Alumi-Guard brand in both products and services.

I want all of our customers to be comfortable and excited about these new prospects. If anyone would like further information or clarification please call myself, Keane Chapman, or Nick Woodard at 877-258-6448, and ask and we can answer any questions you may have.


Bill Woodard

Product Spotlight
New Adjusti-Gate Hinge

Alumi-Guard is proud to introduce the Adjusti-Gate Hinge for the new T-slot post. The new Adjusti-Gate Hinge system, made by Boerboel, allows for maximum adjustability and will fit both slide and swing gates.

New Adjusti-Gate Hinge System

Like a loyal guard dog, Boerboel gate hardware products are strong and dependable. Ideal for security, safety or convenience, Boerboel’s innovative hinges, latches, drop rods and other gate accessories are the perfect complement to any gate.

Photos: Alumi-Guard

Did you know...

The appearance of the fence in human societies marked the transition from a pattern of looting nature to taking care of it. It was with devoted agriculture that fences came about. In Ancient Mesopotamia, Rousseau curiously alludes to the inventor of the fence - stating: "The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said "This is mine,"... that man was the true founder of civil society."

The fence helped institutionalize one of the most important elements of the social contract – the collective recognition of private property.

The Culture of the Fence: Artifacts and Meanings, Christina Kotchemidov